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Sanam has had several other firsts, including singing two Sufi compositions for Pakistan’s Oscar-winning documentary Saving Face and is also part of a non-profit charity music album featuring bands such as Guns ‘n’ Roses and singers like Todd Shea, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Noori. Sanam spoke to Gulf News at an event hosted in Dubai by the Pakistan Consulate to mark the day of declaration of the country. She performs at prestigious Sufi festivals and alongside Indian playback singing stars like Rekha Bhardwaj. Sanam collaborated on that. It is distinguished by its relative simplicity, emphasis on the composition, and use of well-known ragas.

manzil e sufi sanam marvi coke studio

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And when I returned to Pakistan, I got the message that my issue had been resolved. So, I introduce elements of classical music in Sufi music. A Sufi musician with a voice like a tidal wave, the year-old sings to spread a better maarvi of a belief system that some consider bohemian, a few understand and many have a vague idea of.

She transcends the divide between secular and sacred, both through her material cooke a performance style that puts an earthly spin on theological affairs. When I go there, I get a deep sense of serenity and peace.

It has been my nature that wherever I go, if there is a shrine, a place of prayer, then I will definitely visit.

Manzil-e-Sufi, Sanam Marvi – Coke Studio

The journey from shrines to the global stage has been interesting. The response to it has been good. Sanam collaborated on that.


manzil e sufi sanam marvi coke studio

Sanam Marvi was born in in Hyderabad, whose desert location, aufi believe, permanently lent her higher notes something special. Your desire has to meet acceptance, only then is it possible. This is the message of Sufis. I definitely go there, too. Sufi music is soothing and there is much solace to be found in the meaningful lyrics.

manzil e sufi sanam marvi coke studio

There is no message there. All are one … the wise men of Sufism have only one message, the same message, that is Haq … the truth. Issues of gender, class, and caste simmer in these verses for those with ears to hear them. Parveen and Marvi regularly combine verses by different poets, even in different languages, to arrive at an extremely personal yet ultimately universal language. Fakir Ghulam Rasool was himself a Sufi folksinger, who heard the divinity in his child’s voice.

They commit a crime… the words weep when people take words of wisdom misconstrue it and place it randomly, mix it up. About two years’ ago, another well known Sufi musician from Pakistan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, requested a programme that would give him the opportunity to sing Sufi poetry from Sindh. Domingo 29 Septiembre Al-Ajad 29 Muharram In addition to other teachers, Voke studied for two years with Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, a Hyderabad singer associated with the Gwalior gharana, the oldest lineage of modern Indian classical music.

The last Most viewed rated A trained saam true to her roots, she does find some of the regional pop music to be a disturbing trend.


Manzil-e-Sufi, Sanam Marvi saraiki song – video dailymotion

I sing their words, too. The mother of three, two sons and a girl, is scheduled to travel to New Delhi, India, in a few days’ time. Growing up in Hyderabad, Sindh, Sanam mzrvi seven years old when her father told her mother: While she once expressed a mild disdain for popular music, Marvi has more recently contributed music to the Bollywood romcom Manzi, Paris, New York ; the Punjabi romance Ishq Khuda Love Is God ; and numerous television series.

The album is a fundraising initiative for the children of earthquake and flood victims in Pakistan. Today Sanam crosses many boundaries in her music.

He would tell me that my voice reminded him of his voice in his youth. Body and soul come together in songs about lover-believers driven to madness through their recklessly passionate attraction to the sublime. It is distinguished by its relative simplicity, emphasis on the composition, and use of well-known ragas.

Posted by Susan at 6: She began studii at age four and began training with her father, the Sindhi folksinger Faqeer Ghulam Rasool, at age seven.