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You don’t need to buy it again. Most of the controls functioned in Traktor exactly as advertised. Particularly, the push-button 3-band EQ felt great to use. They necessitate a larger, more expensive controller, and not all DJs will even care one way or the other. Posted Fri 06 Jul 12 5:

stanton djc 4 virtual dj mapping

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With this Traktor mapping, those buttons send loops of the specified loop length from Decks 1 and 2 to the Remix Sets of Decks 3 and 4 respectively, allowing for quick and easy capturing of sample loops.

stanton djc 4 virtual dj mapping

Thats the thing that upsets me i bought this unit thinking it was capable of doing such things Plugging in a second pair, the headphone virtuao level drops noticeably, but still remains at a usable level for a club environment. Of course, the S2 has the more playable rubber buttons, but not as many of them. Very playable jog wheels with adjustable touch sensitivity. Support staff Member since You already have the full Numark Cue.

DJ Software – VirtualDJ – stanton djc.4 controller

I know I want one with a really good sound card, etc. So the standard recommendation applies: I dont want to use a serato or any other soundcard. Many thanks for any virtuak you can give me Pushing them activates EQkill for that band, although with all 3 EQ bands killed, you still get some output volume for the track; it is not completely muted.


They necessitate a larger, more expensive controller, and not all DJs will even care one way or the other. The Traktor tsanton we tested came directly from Stanton and was made for a 2-deck, 2-Remix Set configuration. I don’t want to have to install the le software the then upgrade to pro 7.

Review: Stanton DJC.4 Controller – DJ TechTools

The bottom half of the virtuwl is molded plastic with rubber feet on the bottom, and the handhold side indents for easy carrying. There are so many controllers out there I don’t know where to start. Posted Thu 08 Nov 12 2: AC adapter not included. With all due respect, one of our first reactions to the Stanton DJC.

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Against the S2, the DJC. While some virual prefer a vinyl layer on top, these wheels have a satisfying rotation action with neither too much nor too little resistance.

Livid Instruments Base Controller. This feature-rich controller packs a lot of very well-made components into a small, but not overly-cramped surface area. Very usable Traktor mapping available. Okay let me dig deeper At high sensitivity — and with the backlit Scratch button enabled — a tiny movement will initiate a scratch, and at the lowest sensitivity setting, a full revolution of the wheel will just barely give you a vinyl-style slowing or speeding up effect.


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You might also like Stantin from author. Posted Thu 29 Nov 12 I found that the DJC. Finally, with its external inputs and dual headphone outputs, the DJC.

stanton djc 4 virtual dj mapping

Particularly, the push-button 3-band EQ felt great to use. Djs Ricky Sganton LE user Member since orang indonesia mana nihaku minta tolong dong lagi butuh mappers stanton djc 4 nih tapi saya gak vittual serial vdj karena download disini harus yg punya pro saya gak punyakalo masih ada yg peduli sesama org indotolong kirim sms ke saya terimakasih sebelumnya bantuannya Posted Mon 27 Aug 12 While some of the DJC. Also, the Tap button on the DJC.

I want to hook up cd players or s with timecode only, timecode control over the decks.

NI has largely made its hardware a gateway to its software, making Traktor Pro the best bundled program available right now.