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From SEP sesam version 4. Our website uses cookies! Additionally, be aware that no more snapshots my be created for this VM. As I wouldn’t upgrade the hosts just yet, only the VCenter Server, is there a chance for a workaround? Reason One of the management services on the hypervisor is not or not correctly running.

vddk 5.5.4

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Archive:SEP sesam backup client for VMware vStorage API / – SEPsesam

Symptom Backup VM vddj failing with following error message: Here, all virtual machines are identified and displayed. I also read the documentation on the SSL error but making that. To force the installation, use the switch -f: Not saying go ahead and upgrade Vcentre SEP will inform you, when a new version will be available here.

Reason One of the management services on the hypervisor is not or not correctly running.

vddk 5.5.4

Click the tab vCenter Access and add a vCenter credentials. No results were found for your search query.


vddk 5.5.4

This is caused by a change in the vCenter server that disables SSLv3. Note that this is not the latest version of SEP sesam VMware documentation and, as such, does not provide information on features introduced in 4.

VDDK 5.5.4 Release Notes

If change tracking is not enabled, it is unknown what has changed, so the entire virtual machine must be backed up each time, rather than only backing up changed data. For thick provisioned disks always the full disk size is used. We advise to use VDDK version 5. Review a trace of the failing Backup VM operation.

vddk 5.5.4

Besides, consider if it is even a good idea to jump a major release of any software just a few days after it has been released. Depending upon your SEP sesam version, the procedure for configuring vCenter server may be slightly different. E-mail notification is not supported with Standard Edition licenses, e-mail notification disabled. Post by Vitaliy S. After, data certainly flows in both directions.


By default, the Powershell execution policy is set to Restricted. No licensing issues found. Virtual machine located successfully.

That is correct, Nick. We’re still aiming at end of April. Users browsing this forum: Failed to connect to peer. You can reject cookies by changing your browser settings. Invalid configuration file vdxk.

Julien, what vSphere bug were you trying to fix this way? None of the above, continue with my search.

Please try again later or use one of the other support options on this page. Our website uses cookies! To find the source of the problem you will need to keep ruling things out. Temporary files successfully removed.