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Lampshaded in one chibi page. Meanwhile, neither of them is aware of the presence of An’jin in the background doing the exact same thing. This is likely the case with Tralyn not confirmed. Page actions Page Discussion More Tools. Whether it actually worked is not stated, but given differences in fae and human biology it most likely did not. Mostly the norm in drow society, which sees the roles of fathers as more or less being business transactions with Vals in particular choosing mates to gain access to certain rare or desired bloodline abilities and little else, though there are exceptions where the father plays a role in the upbringing of the child like with Zala’ess’ mate Sabbror and the Beldrobbaen clan, who have a tradition of turning their children’s fathers into driders to serve as the child’s protectors, and the Ill’hardro who teach their children who their fathers are to encourage trade between clans.

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The mother will usually raise her first daughter, but any successive children are usually given to elder siblings or even servants to raise so that the mother can play politics.

It really can’t be stressed enough drwtales beautiful some of the pages can get, though when other webcomics are mostly teenagers on DeviantART and you employ the best artists with porn sponsor money, that’s to be expected.

While clinically alive, she was left a mute, empty shell and dfowtales used as a killing machine the fact that she was a badass before this was probably erowtales for that last detail. Sharess saved her people during the Surface Wars by separating her aura from her own body so she could hold back the nether demons. But it’s persisted for a millennium, and the fact that they haven’t adapted since then causes problems that become more and more evident as the series goes on, and the office of the Val’Sharess is shown to be either indifferent or powerless or vacant, due to Diva’ratrika “dying” and later remerging in a younger form after fusing her aura with a slave’s.


Practitioners of elemental magic need to have some of their element already present to work with to be able to do anything. Arguably Kuso and Bal’liir. Also given that many bit characters are reader cameos many have unique designs and backstories.

Ariel goes to the male section of the Drowtaless School to avoid being trapped under the drowta,es of the headmistresssubverted in that she’s found out almost instantly and only has her secret kept because no students are allowed to leave and spread the word, and once she is found out she has to leave.

The anti-human grimdark wank is usually written by the type of misanthrope that grows out drowtals it after High School, but given how long ago this was started he may have simply written himself into a corner, or found a like-minded audience that would pay him.

If that happens they will start to suffer from mana deprivation and starts to age much like a human would.

Drowtales – Moonless age – Comic Rocket webcomic list

The Sullisin’rune are experiencing problems from this due to Ash’waren’s parental indifference and constant partying to cope with being the last survivor of her original royal familycreating a hive of deception, mistrust, and murderous intent.

They still need to eat and drink, but less so than a human of comparative size would, and their bodies do not store fat the way a human body does.

For instance, Chirinide’s father is still a light elf and Ariel is still the child of Mel and Zhor but specific events may have played out differently with the same results. The problem is with how slavery gets dealt with in the comic, and it’s intertwined with drowtakes of interspecies relations. Moonless Age is a fantasy manga-style webcomic that has been running since Sealed Evil drowttales a Can: But according to the comic, any villages that get wiped out would’ve just been due to “misunderstandings.

Numerous possible examples, but Quain’tana is probably the most drowtalds.

Drowtales – Moonless Age

It destroyed her family and resulted in one dead daughter, and two other daughters hating her with a passion. However this scene has three very big things wrong with it. This wasn’t even a rage kill, drowtalew a tearful “I did what I had to do” moment; she brutally tears Kalki apart after calling her a worthless tool, whilst maintaining a perfect poker face.


Red eyes in Chel basically means that the person with them is a ticking timebomb that could, at any moment, turn into a nigh unstoppable engine of destruction in the form of a demon. It has the arms of children for teeth.

The Orthorbbae Library

In this arc Drow are somehow good people after millenia of slavery and genocide and help Earth humans with some civil war; only after they beat the crap out of them when they mistake a powered-down human spacecraft for a derelict. Before she became the leader of the Sarghress, Quain’tana grew up as an impoverished street rat who stole food to survive. In Chapter 27, Nau’kheol and Khal’harror are forced into this so they can sneak into the girls’ section of the school.

When the Nidraa’chal attacked, they broke virtually every rule, shattering the existing status quo of following the rules and causing future battles to rrowtales those rules. There’s also Faen’s shower scenethe sexiness of which is off put by the fact that she apparently has issue with self mutilation because she’s seen digging her fingernails into her back until she bleeds. The drwtales city map is divided into different districts.

They are implied to be fraternal triplets due to having similar names and appearances, yet look different enough to be told apart. Chocolate is considered a recreational drug. One of them uses earth sorcery to break her cuffs and everyone else’s. The members of the Vloz’ress clan are either this or so desperate that they had to run to the pinnacle of drowtxles. In response to that, I’d like to say that I don’t have a problem with a story about Drow featuring morally dubious and even sometimes horrific elements, as long as it’s internally consistent and well-written.

Kyo’nne uses it to her advantage by proposing a duel between Sang and a severely wounded Kel’noz, in a bid to stop the Sarghress traitors.