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guilty gear xrd dizzy

Can be used as a risky frame trap, by converting a early 6p into the charged version. P fish chomps three times in front of Dizzy, advancing between each hit. Can be special canceled on either hit. Very unsafe on block. A 2 hit normal with the second hit being a launcher. You must wait a short period after the previous summon ends before summoning something of the same type. Keep in mind when hit-confirming off 2P that it never combos into 2D, even on counterhit.

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Unless you absolutely need a 5 or 6 frame normal, this is your go-to normal for guiltyy and controlling the space in front of you, as it cannot be low-profiled and is easy to djzzy confirm. Once she gets her projectile zoning started, Dizzy thrives at forcing the opponent into uncomfortable choices that let her establish more and more control.

Combo staple after S and one of the reasons her damage is so high for reference, one spear does only 3 less damage than Beak Driver. Her most reliable jump-in attack.

GGXRD-R/Dizzy – Dustloop Wiki

Has some great character specific uses in neutral. Rather lots of options to combo into it using projectile setups, specially with tension. It also has a high enough hitbox to catch opponents who try to jump in or out at shallow angles. Although it’s tempting to use a safe blockstring ender, it’s unsafe at most ranges, even at hit, and by the time it’s been active long enough to zrd plus frames the opponent likely could have run under it or pressed a button.

Mostly useful as it can gatling into and out of j. Has good horizontal range, making it a reliable air to air poke.

Thus, the opponent will land right next to Xre if thrown in the corner, allowing her to effectively start her oki game. Necro starts charging a Gamma Ray, but Dizzy deflects it away from the opponent, causing a huge explosion in the background. Has a ridiculously early YRC point that can be used to immediately lock down air approaches and give you time to set up other summons.


S fish floats forward before moving upwards and firing a laser across the screen. Again lots of character specific options for the less used fish EX: Gulty to end aerial combos as tuilty hard knockdown gives Dizzy lots of time to set up okizeme, although outside of mixup into 2H and counterhit 2D it’s not possible to use it in grounded combos.

GGXRD-R2/Dizzy – Dustloop Wiki

Slower but more damaging multi-hit version of P. Most importantly, the YRC point on this move is unbelievably fast, almost so much so that it’s hard to mess it up on purpose. Generally only useful as combo fodder; although it has a decent hitbox and is generally unpunishable on block, its long startup and long whiff animation means it’s usually unnecessarily risky compared to something like f.

You can hold 2 after summoning the bubble to make it drift downwards instead of straight forward. You can hold 2 after summoning the bubble to make it drift downwards instead of straight forward.

Has a ridiculously early YRC point that can be used to immediately lock down air approaches and give you time to set up other summons, though K is usually superior for that use. Upward arcing ice scythe attack, used to control airborne space and pop bubbles while doing certain zoning patterns. The ability to properly space yourself and stop aerial approaches with 2S is essential, as unlike most characters Dizzy prefers to anti-air by going directly underneath the enemy instead of stopping them at a 45 degree angle.

K to continue air combos and airdash strings. Once she finds a knockdown to start her offense, especially in the corner, Dizzy has a huge number of brutal mixups at her disposal that range from high-lows, left-rights, fuzzies, tick throws, and more.



Jump-cancelable on hit or block which allows Dizzy to safely reset to neutral if she can’t open up the opponent. Strengths and Weaknesses [ edit ] Strengths Weaknesses Double airdash and a fast run with dizzg invulnerability – one of the most mobile characters in the game Large, diverse toolkit of very active projectiles drd screen control Setplay in the corner is powerful and extremely free-flowing Very high damage potential with meter Amazing tick throw game, and her throw is highly rewarding Good srd to anti-air and air-to-air Has great uses for both YRC and RRC Weak defensive options; go-to normal for cizzy is 6 frames and her invincible super is slow Lowest stun resistance in the game, below-average effective health Big hurtbox in the air and very tall while running Summons are very slow and can lead to big counterhit punishes Normals are slow overall Meter hungry Most of her offence contains gaps for the opponent gwar escape with active defence, Blitz in particular.

This normal has great range and speed, and it’s only -1 on block meaning it’s great for pressure. Dizzy’s 6H has long startup, is extremely unsafe on block, and despite what the animation may suggest, neither version of it is an overhead. Dizzy’s fastest air jab. Decently useful as a frame trap to end blockstrings against very active opponents, although it’s reasonably minus on block and the slow startup leaves a large gap that can be exploited. Like many of her specials, has an guklty early YRC point that can be used to start pressure or summon.

S and is tied with her HS at One is shown on the character page, while the other is shown on the frame data page.