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hanabusa aido

Sena Shiki 16 0. After the time skip, Yori is seen helping Hanabusa find a way to revive Kaname. When Ichiru arrived at the academy, Kasumi was told to take care of him. However, Yuki later sees Kaname’s memories when drinking his blood and claims that it was not the Ancestress’ wish to kill all Purebloods, only to stop the enslavement of humans. She is one of the few girls with no interest in the Night Class and not intimidated by Zero , frequently joining Yuki to tease him while maintaining that Yuki is the only one capable of dealing with him. She possesses a personality similar to Shiki.

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She plays a significant role in the history of vampires and vampire hunters, though she has only appeared in Kaname’s deep past. Kaien Cross states that he is indebted to her, and it was revealed that she spared his life when he attempted to murder her when she was pregnant on the condition hanabuza he would establish a school where humans and vampires can co-exist peacefully.

He wears his uniform properly and normally has an expression on his face. Promising the Hunters’ Association President vampire blood to maintain his beauty in exchange for favors, Ichio succeeded in being able to subtly manipulate the hunters; however, in the anime, he later killed him when disgusted by his intense desire to maintain beauty.

Zero rebuffs her repeated attempts to get close to him.

Hanabusa Aido VOICE

When Kaien retired as a vampire hunter due in part to a promise he made to Yuki’s mother and became the Headmaster of Cross Academy, he established the Day Class and Night Class with Kaname Kuran with dreams of promoting peace between humans and vampires. Shizuka’s lover was killed by the Kiryu family, though she was not offered the chance for revenge until Kaname released her from her cage. She has an intense jealousy towards any humans that raise Kaname’s interest.


Maria encounters Ruka and Akatsuki and attempts to attack them, but they tell her that they are just passing through.

Rido’s life came to an end when he was defeated by Zero Kiryu and Yuki, but Rido appears now as a phantasmal ‘fragment’ of consciousness attached to Kaname, who can only be seen or heard by Aiido.

She seems to be fond of Ichiru Kiryuas she constantly searches for him after Shizuka’s death. She then gave her toxic quantities of blood to the humans willing to fight, with the survivors of the ordeal becoming the first vampire hunters. Retrieved from ” https: Badly wounded, she is sent back to the Moon Dormitory by Ichijo. He appears to be insane, having no real motives behind his actions, just simple whims. Unlike a human pregnancy that takes roughly a year, a vampire pregnancy takes five years, and increases mother’s thirst for blood; as result, any human friend a Pureblood may have cannot visit them during the duration of the pregnancy.

Ichijo maintains a close friendship with Senri Shiki and Rima Toya.

After Yuki’s transformation into her former vampire self, Ruka becomes Yuki’s etiquette tutor, though she is still intensely jealous of her. During the span of the timeskip, he becomes the leader of the Association, though Kaien is the public figurehead. Kaname was unable to kill Rido as Rido was his master and instead he reduced Rido to pieces of flesh. He invites Zero to rely on him as Zero once did on Yuki.

She possesses a personality similar to Shiki. Here are some quotes to aid you how human vampires really are. Hanqbusa Kaien goes to Kaname to stop him, he is angry at him and tells him that he should let Kaname kill the Purebloods.


Kaito winds up killing Taito himself. In spite of his seeming capriciousness, he is a dedicated and serious individual. He was raised as Haruka and Juri ‘s son after being reawakened by Rido Kuranwho used the Kuran’s first child as a sacrifice, making him Yuki’s brother and ancestor.

Shizuka shows up at Cross Academy in the guise of another vampire, Maria Kurenaibut is recognized by both Kaname and Zero. Her final act hanabuaa to throw her heart into a furnace of metal, creating weapons powerful enough to kill the immortal Purebloods. Vampire hunters were created ten thousands year ago by one of the progenitors of the vampire race who desired to give humans a chance to defend themselves against the vampires that were turning the human race into their slaves.

Even though Kaname declined his offer so that Aidou wouldn’t put himself in danger, Aidou is now researching behind Kaname’s back xido books and records to try to find hsnabusa could possibly have been enemies of the Kurans and to find Kaname’s secrets. Yagari and Kaien succeeded him as the leaders of the Association. Brotherhood 2 Hanabysa no Na wa.

Hanabusa Aido Voice – Vampire Knight (Show) | Behind The Voice Actors

Hanzbusa is later revealed that Shiki is in fact the son of Rido Kuranmeaning he’s Kaname and Yuki ‘s cousin. Aido can seem cheerful and friendly one moment, and cold and vindictive the next. He runs into Ruka and Kain, along with Sayori, Shindo, and the Day Class sun dorm president and recognizes her and his memory of her is regained, but Ruka does not remember him, to his disappointment, but Ruka thanks him for remembering her, and orders the three to go back inside.

Kaname is revealed to be one of the original vampires and founder of the Kuran family.