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Also strobes and visual lens efx are great. Collyns Stenzel 8 hrs. The final rendering made on my studio rig, just because of CPU demanding in the drone part, the amount of polygons and 3D modeling used on this scene was mind blowing, there was so much, the robot, the crowd, the area, the drones, i was thinking it was to much for the k to handle, so i took it to his big brother down in my studio. Sections of this page. I can change the lumen and I don’t understand how I can get the correct values of the maximum lux.

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I am having a hellish time in Windows 10 this afternoon.

Did a test export with the plug in on some ligtconverse file and everything worked ok so i started prepping lithtconverse actual pre-vis export and now i cannot get any lights lightconverse of VWX into LC Lightcnverse Stenzel 8 hrs. Thank you for your help. I start the project by thinking to myself that I want to do lightconverse that never be done lightconverse on a pre-show visualization, I want to do something so epic that will be remembered for years to come and let everyone see what a pre viz software can really do when using all the potential it can offer, so I say only one role: Sections of this page.


What a fucking joke. Alex Lightconverse January 2 at 8: Smoke animation is far better than anything I ever seen in the market. Warning to other users who might be in the middle of a project like me.


Video programmed on all 3 systems, i worked ligghtconverse lightconverse about 2 weeks, and give any spare lightconverse i have to finish it, the way LC switch from 1 lightconverse to another is so easy and intuitive, that way i could work on it everywhere ,ightconverse was. And Lightconverse did it, I use every bit of it and the final result was lightconverae but mind blowing. Awesome live rendered looks. You wanna know what is also super fucked?

This stage also use a massive amount of lasers to complete the final look that mesmerize your senses when see it. He uses our systems to the limit. Join Group settings More. The most important tool for stage and lightconverae designer is the ability to see lightconverse stage 3 or 4 months before the actual event date in the way it really looks on the set so i can deliver the best result to the client, change the set by needs and try new ideas in seconds.

Are any of the L8 people awake? Collyns Stenzel 9 hrs.


Makoto Kaneko December 26, at lightconverse Who driving this catamaran? I really need this to work as I am already a day late going on two trying to work around this export plug in.


Lightconverse, combined with its LC Tools Software for a real stage crafting, give me the best i can get from both worlds, Stage design and Light design. Lightconverse can I put the max lightconverse values for a fixture into the constructor?


Lightconverse anyone have drape models for LC? Trying to add drape but don’t see a model. Things makes me use external software is the need of any lightconverse Decoration lightconverse import it to LC Tools Software. Being a designer for the largest scale events lightconverse use the latest, state of the art tech, requires me to use the latest and must advances tools available.

Also strobes and visual lens efx are great. Why are the xyz origins for all the lights different? Alexey Illarionov December 27, at 1: Someone please smooth out the VDO Sceptron pixel output. I can change the lumen and I don’t understand how I can get the correct values of the maximum lux. A total of 80 fixtures used lightconerse this stage.