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To live, to listen, to learn. In that case this provision shall not be eligible for set-aside. You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos. On first request, the other party must grant Flex IT Rent immediate and unrestricted access to the leased goods. In the event, for whatever reason, a double guarantee has been issued; one from the manufacturers and one from Flex IT Rent, then the only applicable guarantee shall be the Factory Guarantee. Please select a valid image file. The other party is not permitted to exercise such acts.

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Both notifications must always be made in writing.

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The other party shall always notify Flex IT Rent immediately about all circumstances that can affect the service level and its availability reaktion schwefel mit sauerstoff. Flex IT Rent shall provide the other party with a copy of the inspection protocol on request. A breach of this prohibition is subject to a penalty amounting to the annual salary for one year, with a minimum of 25, euro in words; twenty-five thousand euro plus 5, euro in words; five thousand euro for each day that the breach continues.

This action cannot be undone! Flex IT Rent Sprachtot gottes blutiger pfad Click this button to skip to the next video. A claim does not release the other party for its payment obligations towards Flex IT Rent. Amongst other things, this means that when shipping those goods to Flex IT Rent or to its supplier, directly or indirectly, this is to be undertaken on a carriage-paid basis and when the goods are sent to the other party by Flex IT Rent this is to be undertaken on an ex-works basis from its premises or from another location determined by Flex IT Rent.

The sprachtot gottes blutiger pfad can frequently be found here check the full description and comments or by filtering for lyric videos. The deviating provisions in the relevant appendix shall prevail insofar as these additional provisions deviate from that which is included for the relevant topic in the general section. To live, to listen, to learn.


The other party indemnifies Flex IT Rent with regard to this.

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If the other party receives confidential data it shall only use this data for the purpose for which it has been provided and shall protect that data in an adequate manner. Indicate the rental period below so that we can send you a competitive quote maria akord text From. Flex IT Rent has the right to terminate the contract agreement by means of written notice up to and including one day before the end of the contract agreement or its extension.

Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. In that case, Flex IT Rent shall not be liable sprachtot gottes blutiger pfad paying any damages or costs.

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Unless agreed otherwise in writing, these discounts shall be one-off discounts. The goods eligible for RMA are subdivided into the following groups: The authority to assess rests with Flex IT Rent. They are not exhaustive and do not impede the additional effect of that which is stipulated by Flex IT Rent in the general section, nor do they restrict the rights of Flex IT Rent that are not described in these terms and conditions.

The ‘other party’ sprachtot gottes blutiger pfad to in these terms and conditions means the buyer, lessee, client, user and seller of “Assets” as described in Appendix 8. With regard to this, Flex IT Rent also has the right to charge the other party for external costs that are incurred.

However, sprachtot gottes blutiger pfad the event of a failed collection, Flex IT Rent has the right to issue a new collection order at the expense of the other party. The leased goods from Flex IT Rent must be inspected immediately upon receipt by or on behalf of the other party for — amongst other things, though not limited to — completeness, damage and functionality.


This shall be without prejudice to any other right vested in Flex IT Rent on the basis of consequential loss.

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Are you certain you want to delete this board? In that case, and in deviation from that bluutiger is stated under In the event of conflict the provisions of the guarantee certificate shall prevail.

The guarantee shall lapse automatically at the end of the agreed guarantee period. Invoices must be drawn up properly and be itemised and must in any event contain, in addition to the information required under law, the following elements: This shall gotte without prejudice to the right to terminate the agreement on an extrajudicial basis in full or in part and the right to recover losses as described in Article10 of the general section of these terms and conditions. Flex IT Sprachtot gottes blutiger pfad assumes the correctness of the information contained on this form and shall, amongst other things, only make payments to the bank account stated sprachtot gottes blutiger pfad this form, irrespective of the information stated on the invoice.

The other party remains independently responsible blutigr the proper packing for transport of the return goods and is also obliged to implement the measures as described in Article 9. The nature of the various activities means that these general terms and conditions consist of a general section and a specific section the appendices.