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The lyrics are overwhelming, in love with love. When i laugh i get delusional.. Akhiyaan ch paavan kivein translation , beautiful Love song , Love , love song , Punjabi folk love song , punjabi folk song , Surinder Kaur. If there’s any suggestion about translation of this song, please do comment. Akhiyan Ch Tu Vasda I had downloaded some audios in March-April. I’ve heard this song a hundred times or more in the last three months.

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Tuesday, 2 April “Akhiyaan ch paavan kivein” with english translation – Surinder Kaur. I love this song so much.

Chords for Surinder Kaur – Ehna Akhiyan Ch

Through the way of eyes. What do you think? Akhiyan ch Tu ve. Today it’s the dawn of happiness contentment. Shakti 8 November at YouTubed it and fell completely in love with it.

Ehna Akhiyan Ch Surinder Kaur

Now, I can sing along. Excellent job,thanks a lotthe feel is immense in this song,punjabi languageoaur writer composer and singer all bring the real feel of a folk songand gives a glimse of soni mahiwal. I had downloaded some audios in March-April.


I’m glad that you liked this Punjabi folk song and that ‘kaajal’ in the lyrics surinder kaur ehna akhiyan ch reminded you of the line ‘tune kaajal lagaya din mein raat ho gayi’. I got drawn to this song when I heard a two lines in the movie “oye lucky lucky oye”.

I have been enjoying it without understanding the meaning of it. When i ask you about the lovetalks.

I have tried translating it in English so that non-Punjabi speakers can also admire the depth of the words in the song: Deveika Sweets I’m delighted to know that you loved the song so much.

Is it possible to post the translation of another beautiful song by Surinder Zkhiyan and Asa Singh: Shakti 11 August at This song holds a special place in my heart too. To read ena about Surinder Kaur, you may click here. Divya 27 September at Thank you Anu Tangala!

When i laugh i get delusional. Your face is ever present before me.


Akhiyan Ch Tu Vasda Thanks for sharing your fav. Fantastic, this is great.

Ehna Akhiyan Ch

Akhiyaan ch paavan kivein translationbeautiful Love songLovelove songPunjabi folk love songpunjabi folk songSurinder Kaur. You came closer and closer. Julia Dutta You surprised me with your visit and comment. It always strikes a chord somewhere bringing back all the nostalgia of Punjab.

Ehna Akhiyan Ch – Surinder Kaur Song – BBC Music

I read online that this song was penned by Shiv Kumar Batalvi, who is a well known Punjabi language poet. Sorrow is going away from us. Anu Tangala 4 October at If there’s any suggestion about translation of this song, please do comment.

The more I heard this song I kuar I loved it.